• Tenant(s) must make three times (3x) the rent (market rate)

  • Tenant(s) must have at least 6 months' work history at current employer

  • Must pass a credit check, background, and criminal check with the following information:​

    • Minimum 550 credit score 

    • No evictions in the last 10 years

    • No outstanding balances owed to any rental entity or landlord arrangement

    • No Bankruptcies in the last 10 years

    • No Criminal Record


  • Most recent 6 months worth of pay stubs via PDF

  • Most recent 1 month bank statement via PDF with all pages to the statement (additional statements may be requested)

  • Copy of your Driver's License and Social Security Card for verification purposes

  • If you have a pet please provide most recent vet records to verify your pet does not exceed our weight requirement of 20lbs and has up-to-date vaccinations

If you will be obtaining a new job or transferring your current job from out of state, we will need a letter of employment from your employer confirming your status and salary/income. All applications are subject to a Rental History and Employment Verification.


  • Application fee is a non-refundable fee

  • Any individuals who are 18 years of age or older that will be residing in the unit are required to apply

  • The following is required upon move-in in order to sign lease and obtain keys:​​​

    • $250 non-refundable administrative fee 

    • Security Deposit amount determined at time of approval - flexible option available 

      Non-Refundable Pet Fee $300/per pet - 20lb weight limit

    • Proof of established utility account(s) 

    • ​Proof of Renter's Insurance 

  • If you change your mind, note the deposit and administrative fee are non-refundable once paid

  • All move-in fees must be paid via money order or cashier's check

  • All approved applicants have an equal opportunity during the application process, and we do not hold or secure any units until an administrative fee is received

*We accept AHA & Section 8*